So, there's this girl at my school who wants me to take her out to prom I guess, yeah, it sounds normal enough but I vehemently refuse to be her date on the basis that she has almost the exact same personality as my aunt but...minus the asking me out part *ew. I just can't do it and I've politely declined but her friend who keeps trying to set us up just won't take no for an answer, he comes back to me after three months and still hounds me about it. You want my answer and it's no no no, what more can I say to get you to understand? I was just planning on going to prom alone anyway, I mean I don't have a car and I barely have cell service so I was just sparing her the hassle of going with someone like me.

I've realized something new, don't listen to anyone who says that they want to set you up with someone unless they're your close personal friend. I hate being set up, just let me find someone on my own and don't dump your lonely friends on me because I happen to be the only guy that would give them the time of day, I aim to be friends with them and nothing more.