Why do white people like to play dress up so much? Earlier today, I saw a white woman in a little white 1960's convertible with a red interior. She was dressed in matching red and white, and looked like an extra off the set of Mad Men. It was pretty ridiculous.

I've seen white guys who have this 1950's look, with the white T-shirt, cuffed Levi's, duck-tailed hair and donning a leather jacket with just the right amount of patina. Silly.

I've seen an abundance of white hipsters, and you can't tell me that they don't stand in front of the mirror for at least 2 hours before they leave the house. Sad.

Then there are the 1980's people, who love to wear mom jeans, or slacks with the big over-sized faux eyeglasses. I keep waiting to see one of these people carrying a boom box on their shoulder and jamming to Run DMC. Pompous.

The motorcycle crowd... who have seen Easy Rider one too many times. The cowboys... who claim to be "individuals" but are actually in a click like all the other white people.

It really makes you wonder: Do white people have so much time on their hands that they can invest all this energy into wearing their costumes of choice? Do they ever get embarrassed? You know, embarrassed because they look like clowns and stuff?

The egos associated with these styles must be immense.