When I heard the news, I had to inform all of my friends. My friends… those who are around my age range and grew up listening to that era of music. Although I hadn't bought an album of his in decades, hearing those songs brought back many memories. I was shocked that he died.

YOU: a twenty-something Millennial on your phone most of the day when you should be working. You came up to me probably after seeing some post about a "Prince" of some kind and asked me who he was. Who he was?! Are you kidding me? I briefly told you who he was and what he did… and you said, "Oh, that's cool."

The next day I walk in and see a small group of coworkers surrounding you. What did a self-absorbed twenty-something Millennial HAVE to do? Make it about himself. There you were, wearing a purple shirt with what looked like a homemade pin that said "Rest in Purple." All the followers thought you were so cool and you… you were soaking it up, you fucking douche-bag.

What an asshole move by a fucking arrogant, attention seeking young dip-shit.

I hate you.