No way! No way! You could really use a new one...but seriously, we've been friends for a good three years and that's why I feel like I have to be the one to tell you that you that you talk way too much about your boyfriend. Lately, every single time we hang out the conversation suddenly diverts to what you and him do together. There are other aspects of your life besides him, right? Talk to me about how your day was, something funny you saw recently, or even the fucking weather, shit that friends talk about but for the love of God stop telling me about your damn love life, it makes the fact that I'm lacking a girlfriend sting even harder!

You tell everybody about him and half of the things you say aren't even true. You told some of your acquaintances yesterday that his sweater looked big on you because he's "really tall and well-built". He's like 5 '11 (I'm the same height, you're just kinda short) and scrawny (I've seen you beat him at arm wrestling), he just likes to wear big clothes and drive a pickup to compensate.

I don't know how you can say that you love the guy when you don't even trust him to make his own decisions or be in a room with a girl that isn't you. If the guy is likely to do something stupid and cheat on you without any resistance to temptation then why are you even dating him? Hell, you told me that he left you for another girl before then came crawling back and for some reason you're way more mad at HER than him.