You know, I never really liked Jimmy Fallon. He was my least favorite case member of SNL (it was so fucking annoying how he'd break character all the time) and I never thought he'd go anywhere. And, he didn't for a long-ass time. Enter his show...

I just don't get it. I mean, yeah, there's some funny stuff here and there, but I really hate his impressions. The new one with Paul Rudd is just stupid, though I do love Paul Rudd. I'm getting tired of hearing "Like WOW man, Jimmy Fallon did another impression! He, like, takes a familiar act that we all know and love, and he like does it verbatim... the funny part is that HE'S doing it. It's great and I'm a sheep!"

Everyone (including YOU) loves the guy... but I just don't get him. I hear he's a drunk, too. Doesn't surprise me. I used to think that Jared Fogle was the luckiest person on the planet for making MILLIONS simply by being overweight and eating fast food. Now that he's in prison for being a pervert (I always said he looked like one), I think Jimmy Fallon takes the throne of the luckiest person on the planet.

So, go ahead and fawn all over him... drool over every impression he does and talk about it incessantly in the office. Just know that I secretly AND anonymously hate him.