Let me tell you something that you need to know because nobody else is going to tell you...everybody really dislikes you. We all just find you really obnoxious. The girls don't enjoy how you just creep up from out of nowhere to say "heeeeyyy, Gurl!" and the guys also don't enjoy your creepanomics. I personally despise you because I've been near you long enough to see what kind of person you are. You're an asshole who pretends to be a good person, you add me on Facebook and I see yours is filled with reposts about helping people (not actual medical articles just dumb "like for 10 prayers" posts). You insult our super nice cooking teacher and then have the nerve to loudly compliment her when everyone is listening and say "I want to become a chef now". You treat your cooking group like crap and don't even listen to us half the time, when things go bad you try to shirk responsibility. You somehow became our class representative but you don't make an effort to help anybody. Infact, you were perfectly fine with telling your English teacher that your group wasn't helping you with a project and turning in the script on your own to get all of the credit, I wasn't in that group but I happen to know that you weren't even the one who wrote the script so why should you have credit for it?

I know what you are in the dark and it isn't as magnanimous as you would have people believe. It's ugly and self-centered. You're like a bad-tempered peacock who flaunts unimpressive feathers.