I haven’t seen you in a while, and for a short time, I looked forward to your posts. I could tell it was you, or rather we could tell.
Im not sure if you still read these, but I wanted to let you know you still have family back home. You’re always welcome in our house. You’ve been through hell, and none of us stood up for you when we had a chance. It’s a bit embarrassing, we all supported her without knowing what she had done to you. When she did it again to someone else, we had a feeling it had something to do with why you left, and rarely return calls. Had we known then, what we know now, maybe you wouldn’t have had to leave, or at least you could still visit.

I know you think you can never come back here, but our doors are always open to you. We’re not the only ones who still feel that way. If you won’t return our calls, I’ll say it here: You didn’t deserve that, we don’t blame you, and really just want to know your ‘ok.’

We don’t care that you hate christians and preachers now, we don’t go much either after that. Let us know you’re alright, come home, have a few drinks, let us show you it can still be home.