I counted three pooches walking the aisles of Freddie's yesterday with owners in tow and a fourth trying to get in but I think he was turned away. Maybe the employee turned him away becasue the guy wasn't wearing a shirt. IDK. Ok, a chihuahua service dog over by the yogurts? What kind of disability can a little rat dog hybrid actually help people with? Can't you people walk your animals later when you're not making a stop by the grocery store? I know 99% of you are just taking advantage of the lax enforcement in town. What happened to those little capes they used to make service dogs wear. Are they out of fashion now. Then there's the guy with the greyhound I see everyday. I can grant that one a pass if it is not a service dog due to the fact he might have been rescued from a hard life of racing. But of average douche or trashy trailer mama roaming the aisles with their four legged children can tie them up outside where they belong. IA out