Now that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race and Donald Trump is certain to be the GOP presidential candidate, we must do what it takes to prevent Trump from winning in November. Keeping Trump out of office is more important than whomever you or I want to win the Democratic nomination. It’s time to set aside politics and embrace game theory.

Anyone who doesn't want Donald Trump to be the next president should support the Democratic candidate more likely to defeat Trump. That means supporting the candidate who is currently beating Trump by 13.6% instead of 6.2% in the latest polls, and who has always polled better against Trump than the other Democrat still in the race. That means supporting the candidate who currently has a 51.8% favorability rating with the American people instead of a 41.7% favorability rating, and whose unfavorability rating is 40.5% instead of 54.8%. That means voting with your head and not with your heart. That means voting for Sanders.

Eight years ago the superdelegates who had supported Clinton shifted their support to Obama when it was clear he was the choice of the Democratic voters. It can happen again, but only if the current Democratic voters in the remaining primaries recognize which candidate actually performs better against Trump in the general election and vote accordingly.

If you choose unwisely and America ends up with President Donald J. Trump, you’ll feel like quite the schmuck.