I was waiting for the bus in the early, early morning which could be argued as being still up from last night. Which could then be argued as still miller time.

So a chick with a bike came walking up and asked where the max was. I tried to explain it to her but it was tricky since I knew where it was up a roadway a bit, and I could tell she was on meth, probably after being kicked out near the SpringWater trail. You know the one. The bus was coming. I thought about saying maybe the driver will take you there. I didn't. Some drivers are real uptight, ya know. I told the driver a meth girl was trying to get to the max and I said go down 10 blocks and take a left. He said he would've taken her there. Shit. So I said she was on meth and I'm not trying to judge. Then he said you aren't judging, you were observing.

When I left the bus, I said, I hope she made it to the max. The driver said, she's fine, I saw her coming down. I took it literally and thought, how'd you see her get there. Then realized what he meant. Clever, sweet guy that driver. And I fart my brains out in the morning.