Maybe I missed the sign with the fine print saying "You may not be able to concentrate on the premises." Your Hawthorne St cafe has decent coffee and a study hall layout to it. It has the basic requirements for a place of fostering caffeine fueled knowledge. People go there with the intention of knocking out some work or study, also just to conversate with people. Soo,why must you, Mr DJ Barista Extraordinaire, insist on blasting your rap at 110 dB? I had to yell at you just to get my order through. You're not even playing good rap. It's the obnoxious kind no one can even understand. I have one of those pulsating frontal lobe headaches now. SHould go away once I vacate the noise zone and go for a walk in the sunshine basking the foothills of Mt Tabor's westface. Time to pull the ejection cord. Maybe I should just be grateful it wasn't heavy metal or country pop. Idk Smh