There I was, walking to the max with my suitcase and backpack. To get there I have a stretch of gravel road before I get to pavement so I was walking on the edge of the street. Like I always do and have always done in similar situations. You know what? Every car will make room and move to center. Not you. You came speeding by, probably a couple feet from me. So I turned and just glared at you. Then you stopped, reversed, and came charging right at me, probably 5 feet away. I thought you were going to hit me. You got out of your car and said, "what's your problem?"
I said "you." You said "get off the fucking street."
I said "where do you want me to go." You said "drag your shit in the rocks."
Then it escalated to name calling and swearing. You were ready to throw down. I was dumbfounded and couldn't quite get out the words "agro idiot." At one pt., you came charging at me, as I was backing away. If I was the fighting type. If I was the killing type. No one should be allowed to get away with that kind of behavior and think it's okay. But I'm sure you do that all the time. It's probably normal for you. I wished you got into an accident. Someone like you would never learn. I guess next time I will drag my suitcase through the gravel, just for you, because the nerve of me for walking my stuff on the only part of the street I can.