I saw you in one part of the house dangling from the ceiling. I guessed you were dead because you weren't moving and looked kinda dead. Then days later you still weren't moving. Weeks later, not moving. I was too lazy to give your body a good resting place so I left you there. Next time I looked up into your spot, you were gone.

Fast forward to last night, you were on the bathroom ceiling. Same guy? Yes, I know there's more than one daddy long legs. Now this morning, you were gone again.

You spiders are sure tricky. I even think mystical. You always sense when I'm trying to catch you in a cup. The only time I kill you is by accident when I'm mopping and I sweep you up in a corner. I see you scurrying away and most times, it's too late. I'm sorry. Never knew that tornado was coming, did you? You have so many species and some of you are fast. I once saw a teeny tiny red one, no more than a millimeter in size that didn't travel very far on that wall for weeks.

Just please don't bite me in my sleep. Or crawl on me. Or hang down from your web in front of my face when I'm asleep. Deal? TTYL MF.

Yours truly. Human.