Dear Roommate, here is the version of the story that i have had to hear you repeat to EVERYONE who will listen. You are in the front yard taking your dog for a shit ( because she is just toooo precious to go in the back). You smile all sweet & friendly at the neighbor lady. Totally unprovoked, she starts going off on you, yelling at at you. You calmly try to make peace. And then her monster husband comes out & begins yelling at you. They call you names like "it" & question whether you are a boy or a girl. You wisely & calmly walk away. According to you, you have been the victim of a hate crime & you & your dog now have PTSD.

Now, don't get me wrong. i've lived next to these people for 10 years. i loathe them. They are loud & immature. We live out in the 'Couv & they are poster people for this area. Simple minded, controlling, neurotic hicks. They are also a hard working mom & dad with 3 kids. And, before i get to pt. 2, allow me to point out that you are a long haired, slightly effeminate, hippy. They did not then, & do not now, know that you are a trans man. They still possess the highschool mindset, wherein any guy who is in any way deviant from the standard masculine, is subject to derogatory insults of femininity. i mean, you have a beard. Trust me, they did not know you were trans. Either way, there was no crime, let alone a hate crime. And you do & your dog do NOT have PTSD. A total lack of self awareness, personal responsibility & a persecution complex, YES.