Now, here is the REAL story. All of which you leave out in your constant re-telling, in your pathetic attempt to be a perpetual victim. From the day that you moved in here, you have responded to the barking of the neighbors dog ( which, poor you, disrupted your attempts to sleep until 3 in the afternoon, since you have no job), by sticking your head out of the window & SCREAMING cuss words at the dog, the neighbors & their children. For a good 10 min. every fucking day. So! When you were out shitting your dog, & you gave a nod of the head to the neighbor lady, her response was a reasonable " Oh, so now you want to be neighborly". To which, you responded by insulting her. The situation escalates. You are yelling at her, she's yelling at you. Then her husband comes out. In his head, this dude with his big ass dog is getting into a fight with his wife. He treats you like a guy being aggressive & intimidating, & he's protective of his wife. You continue to scream your fool head off at them. BOTH parties hurling insults & acting like children. But, who started this? Who was the one who, upon newly moving into a residence, decides to scream at & cuss out the neighbors instead of handling the barking dog situation like a fucking adult? You. You're telling of the event, & every subsequent event since then, has you as an innocent victim. No, sir. There was no hate crime. You acted like an asshole & got treated like an asshole. Man up, bro.