Every year it's the same shit. Once the weather warms all of the dipshits get their crotch-rockets out and ride like idiots. Today, as I was riding home from work, you, the fuck-stain in shorts and a tee-shirt on some bulletbike, decide it would be fun to accelerate and ride my ass on Lombard. I instinctively flip you the bird and try to run you off the road. You must have realized that my V-twin would likely push your fiberglass toy into the curb, so you held back. Let me give you a bit of advice after riding year round for 32 years. 1. Do not ride my ass, I will run you off the road. 2. Wear some proper riding gear, road rash is not pretty. 3. Do not fuck with bikers, some of us are very aggressive and packing heat. I suspect you will end up paralyzed or road pizza if you continue to ride. Fuck off.