Okay, let's get one thing straight. You teach a high school intro to forensics class with no prerequisites, not some high-level college course that requires any kind of previous experience or immersion. Your class is the same as any other and we aren't "privileged to be there." That being said, can you leave the attitude at home? I know that you say you're "snarky" (snarky people never say that they're snarky btw) but you really just come across as ill-tempered, you aren't funny in the least, and you get impatient when students tell jokes.

What I actually can't stand is your constant pissy attitude whenever someone asks you a question. You just repeat yourself then answer with "come on, this isn't that hard, guys!" But you never actually answer the question. It's an "Intro To" class, meaning that we've never done this stuff before, of course we're going to have questions.

You constantly try to guilt trip us by saying that you're busy grading papers when you could be spending time with your husband. Oh, I'm so sorry that we're forcing you to do your job and it's interfering with your prime-time plans. Hey, if you're going to complain then maybe do your job on time? Maybe stop losing track of the papers that I hand in to you and then marking me down as not having them? Stop expecting us to do everything perfectly when you don't explain anything? Stop taking up class time to talk about when you were still a relevant M.E.

Stop fishing for pity.