In thinking about one friend in particular... Can this person still really be a friend even though I haven't seen, talk, texted, emailed, Facebooked to them in over 8 years?

I remember when this person said about tabloid news like Kardashi-man, Beebey-boy, or Snooglepuff, etc., "who cares?" "Why do we have to watch this stuff?" "Why do people pay attention to this stuff?"

Well, everything I see this "friends" posts on Facebook about his wife, kids, marriage, food, and the new color of his van, I find myself saying, "Who cares?" "Why are people paying attention to this stuff?"

Social media has ruined society. It's made everyone single person a celebrity, at least a chance to feel like a celebrity. It's made everyone an artist, poet, musician, social/political activist, and on and on. You can even win awards for social media.

"Hey guys, this is where we celebrated our first year anniversary." Selfie shot.
"Who cares."
You become what you hate.