I know this is a typical thing to complain about for someone in his/her early/mid thirties. In fact, it's so typical that everyone should know this by now:

You are not special because you've procreated. Nor is the parasite that's turning you into a television-watching wretch slobbering down five meals-a-day special.

You did not do, "The most amazing thing you can possibly do." You did the same basic thing that we have to beg fourteen-year-olds not to do, we have to use surgery to stop our pets from doing, and that we get annoyed when the bacteria or mold in our kitchens do.

Most of you knew how non-remarkable breeding was even a few years ago. Nothing's changed at all.

You should be amazing like me: Have anal sex with a girl you met at a bar, drink a beer in the shower while cleaning her filth from you, and then get stoned and have a bowl of Cookie Crisp before you cry yourself to sleep for shaming your ancestors.