You guys had one job, one! We formed a group and divided up questions for our history quarterly project and I finished my section two days ago but not a single one of you? Not a single one of the five of you could be bothered to do your shares? You were so gung ho when we started. What are you gonna do tomorrow when the project is due, oh wait, I already know and I should've seen it coming. They're probably just waiting for me to save their asses and do it all alone. Well, too bad because our teacher kinda anticipated that and also assigned us individual essays.

I'll say it before anyone else can, I'm the real dumbass here for expecting anything. That guy who says he's super good with coding and computers? Won't contribute for shit. That guy who says he's gonna be a history major? He'll talk a lot and he sounds like he knows his stuff but won't contribute for shit. Those two guys you talk to a lot? Won't contribute for shit. The underclassman who you hang out with sometimes and is super friendly? Won't contribute for shit and you start to wonder if the friendliness just an act.

Of course nobody plans to work, not this late in the year when everyone expects to just take bad grades like a tank-class takes dps.