I couldn't hang out or play videogames with you guys all weekend or today and probably not even tomorrow but I want you to know that it's not like I don't want to, but I really can't. I was getting a tux for prom on Saturday which was a bitch in itself, then I had to finish a group project on Sunday (as told in *Big-Zero Six). I can't do it today because I have another group project today that's due tomorrow and I'll still have things to do tomorrow. I don't know how things are going in your classes but everything I have to do right now counts for at least a test grade and I want to end the year off with some nice grades. So, Senior Skip Day? Yeah, didn't do it. Battlefield 4? Sorry, no time. Hang out at your place? I have stuff to do.

The point is that I don't see how you guys can possibly have so much free time right now. Also, my tv is busted so videogames were going to be a wash anyway.

*Since today was Senior Skip Day, half of my brilliant group decided to stay home and do nothing. The other two showed up and said that they totally would have helped if I had contacted them but we never had a group leader, and I was never in charge. Why should I have to contact them and remind them to do what they volunteered for? Why can't any of them remember or talk amongst each other? The same two who said they would've helped didn't even finish their essays during class so I still can't turn the project in yet.