Part three of my extra boring school-themed rants goes out to a certain condescending douchenozzle who I have the pleasure of knowing. I see you staring at my work during tests, don't pretend like you know what you're doing. I see you staring at my work even when we don't take tests, are you even paying attention? Don't come up to me at lunch or email me at 5 on a weekend asking for my homework, actually that isn't even what bugs me, I can't stand the excuse you give that you just want to "check your answers". Nobody ever checks their goddamn answers. Even then, We have textbooks for that shit and I'd sooner believe that you'd use google to check your answers than go to the trouble of emailing me.

You can't do anything for yourself yet you have the nerve to act like you're better. You say things like "see, even I/A knows." EVEN I KNOW? Buddy, why am I being used as the baseline here? Why wouldn't I know? Don't give me goddamn "there, there" back pats when things aren't going well for me. I'm not a fucking child or pet and I don't need the pity of someone as pitiable as you.

I also hated the time I was in a car with you driving. You popped in a tape of Bollywood remixes of late 90s-early aughts American hits, it was awful. Every five minutes you asked me how your driving was. I said that it could be better and you said you only asked me because you were sure that I would compliment you. Wtf? So you didn't want my opinion, just to jack yourself off.