Recent revelations surrounding unhealthy levels of lead in public water sources and the testing of grade schoolers for toxicity has been shocking, creating thunderous calls for immediate responses and remediation actions.

Historical averages show that every week will bring the death of a homeless soul. This demographic differentiate’s itself by the acceptability of untold sufferings and weekly mortality rates.

I cannot help but wonder what the common reaction would be if, heaven forbid, a child was lost every week due to lead poisoning...

Poisoned water and toxic air in our community is considered outrageous, unacceptable, and will not be allowed to persevere. The cause and resolutions will come quickly despite needed monies or resource’s, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing.

What I am saying however is the continued lack of any shits being giving towards what is the most impactful to our community, or killing people EVERY WEEK. Nope, no biggie, what matters is the crisis de jour and the news cycle. Welcome to Portland.