I went to the grocery store today to buy some snacks and an apple. As I approached the entrance, there were 4 people standing there, stopping people and asking them a variety of things: "Street Roots here!", "Excuse me, would you like to vote for….", "Hi, would you mind if I talked to you about…", "Hey man, can you spare some change?"

Jesus Christ almighty, can I not buy a fucking apple without getting hassled by you people? I'm not there to vote, donate, or fucking give away my spare change. It was insane, all these people blocking customers before and after they entered the store…it felt like that scene in Airplane.

And to all you naysayers out there: I donate $380 a year to two different charities and I always vote. It's not about that; it's about being BOMBARDED by people who want something from me when I'm just trying to life my fucking life.