You want a job and send a resume with a selfie of you in the bathroom, looking up as if you are sitting on the toilet. You are a little too old to think you are from the Kardashian Klan. I am shocked how bad you want to look young and with it; the problem is, you need a job and no one is going to hire you with this Portfolio. Listen up, if you want a job in the real world; act like you live in the real word. If you are under 30 years old, I can understand and take a second look. Over that age, you do not look competent sitting and staring at the ceiling. The ones I really hate are the butt shots when you give the look over your shoulder, and your ass is drooping out of a pair of shorts that belong to a toddler. You lose, no job here, go back to finishing school. I am just a temporary employee, cross training for whatever. My little bit of screening knowledge has just put you in the rejection pile. Sorry Mona Lisa.