I am perplexed that so many people refuse to seek help for all kinds of things because they think that if they admit they are afraid, they will lose other people's respect. I would not suggest telling people your problems unless they are a licensed professional, but being afraid to do things is a very basic problem that most of us encounter throughout our life.

If you have a problem that affects your reasoning,will to live, and interferes with basic living task,you are most likely afraid. See how easy that is to admit? Don't throw your self into a hopeless pitt because you see no way out. Sometimes a parent, or other family member can help, or a trusting friend. I have so many fears, but I just try to conquer them because I want to live a useful life. I am not young, but everyday I have to overcome some kind of fear. Hang in there and be strong: even pretending your brave, will make you feel stronger. I have no other words to say except that we are all afraid sometimes. It is not a curse, you are just suffering growing pains that continue until we get old. This rant is for all of you who are afraid, so am I. Your welcome