Why I hate my hometown of Portland, OR:

1) Desperately mentally ill and homeless everywhere on city streets yelling at imagery people
2) Desperate drug addicts with visible sores and needle marks all over the downtown
3) All the “beautiful people” ignoring #1 and #2 above while walking straight into you as they play with their smartphones
4) Incredible smugness about “being Portland cool” and ignoring “old people” like me as they walk the streets. Seriously, I am invisible to this new breed of 1%ers.
5) No smiles anywhere; just cold looks, self-absorption and righteous cool
6) Traffic jams on a Sunday afternoon that rival Los Angeles
7) Traffic jams every weekday that rival New York City
8) Sky high rents with low vacancy rates and no legal tenant protections against: no cause evictions, 100% rent increases, exorbitant move in fees
9) Horrendous parking problems EVERYWHERE!

In short, Portland has been RUINED! So sorry for the bad news.

(I am moving back to Charlottesville, VA next week)