You have not apologized to me. You have the middle name Love, and you seem to fancy yourself as a hippie goddess of some sort. I only know you as the woman who didn't yield, hit me with your minivan while you were driving unlicensed and uninsured, drove past the accident site a few blocks, and according to witnesses you were chain smoking, inconsiderate, and unremorseful. This all likely after a day of you doing nothing, except smoking some weed in the morning, as described in the police report. You have not apologized to me. I was rushed to OHSU with blood loss, a severe TBI, broken jaws, a completely destroyed mouth, broken ribs...and the list goes on. You have not apologized to me. You owe the state approximately $1k in fines. I will pay for your actions my whole lifetime; I will never look the same, think exactly the same, or be close to the same person that I was. You have not apologized to me. You should remove the word "Love" from your name, as it is clearly a misnomer.