I have an extremely hard time listening to you discuss science and vaccinations and diet prevention that can prevent the need for a vaccines. "Farm to table, organic non GMO foods and extra vitamins." Wow, seems that since you dropped out of high school to follow Phish and decided not to use condoms several years ago...your "authority" on science is dumbfounding.

The above quote about diet you say time and time again? Family history: We lost 1 to measles and one contracted polio. Our great great grandparents were proud farmers with free range animals for food, and crops grown without the help of Monsanto. Basically they were organic and GMO free and still we lost family and it was all farm fresh.

Now you want a job working at my house that I have for adult foster care and you get upset when I refuse to allow you or your 9 year old daughter to visit me. I have a duty to ensure my clients are taken care of, I owe it to them and I also have to answer to the state. Those are my decisions. Your crunchy decisions about vaccination have obviously done wonders. Your daughter's ribs can still predict the weather 6 years after her case of whooping cough badly enough her ribs cracked and she still has repeated bouts of uncomfortable breathing. Let's also not forget the bout of measles she had 2 years ago . 2 illnesses nearly eradicated at one point. I have 3 elderly clients and one who is fighting full blown AIDS. Unlike you, I look after the people in my care.