Ron Wyden addressed a crowd of 2,000 guests and 440 graduates at Saturdays graduation ceremony at Klamath Falls Oregon Institute of Technology. Among the student speakers, one spoke of the amazing diversity and resulting impact to OIT's community. As she spoke, I scanned the graduates and to my "I cannot believe this shit" stance, I was unable to find a single person of color.

After finally convincing myself that I could believe my eyes and there was not one person of color in the fucking graduating class, I decided next to survey the 2,000 guests for any sign of diversity. Again...not one person of color, not one person facing the difficulties of a disability, not one sign of anyone facing any fucking challenge other than being a red neck.

I'm not sure who were bamboozled into believing Ron Wyden and cohorts rants about OIT diversity, I sure the fuck am not buying it.