I see an old coworker homeless in downtown every now and then. We used to work together some over 10 years ago. I believe he's been homeless since then. I started seeing him maybe 8 years ago when I discovered he's been homeless. We talk and say Hi. He still remembers my name. I still remember his. He is a good guy. He was a hard worker, and we got along. His English isn't so well, but I always understood him and what he was trying to say. He's a smart guy. No doubt his English probably has discrimination coming his way when looking for jobs. I was laid off from the company before him, and I'm sure that's why he isn't working there anymore. He was doing all right back then. He had that job, an apartment. He talked of family which when I asked him if he had anyone to help him now, he said no. I'm afraid he's just not looking in the right places for jobs.

This is someone I would help. This is someone I know wants a job. This is someone I wish I had more time to help. This is someone I would want to give shelter to, but that is a burden that I am not capable of financially or emotionally.

But my talk is cheap so I just say "Hi" for now. I guess I'm just saying there is a difference with the "give me money for alcohol" versus someone that wants "change," but just doesn't know how to get it. I never see him asking for money from anyone. He is a smart guy though.

But should there be a difference with who gets help? That's the question for me.