Go back to where you came from? HAHAHAHA! Why in the world would anyone go back to where they came from when their goal was to move to a place for a better lifestyle? Here’s a thought for the wannabe locals who moved to PDX without jobs, move to a NEW place you can afford already! Stop wasting time, the bubble is not bursting, it’s just been delayed a while because Oregonians are like Puerto Ricans without the sexy women. What I’m saying is – you’re slow… Portland slow… The kind of slow that thinks dropping out of school will lead to a promising adult life and a career that could afford living on the west coast. The kind of slow that takes 5 min to order a “to go” cup of coffee while others are in line. The slow that thinks, “why is it so expensive to live in Portland now!” Really? Food scene, best beer in the world, some of the best wine in the world, weather, water, mountains, beach…. Do I need to go on? You’re the kind of slow that reads about a lost dog on social media channels and realizes it’s your fucking dog that’s lost. Yes, I said it! You’re slow, that’s why you don’t understand reality. You missed the boat, so jump on the next train out of town and relive the slow lifestyle elsewhere…. How about North Dakota? I’m sure you can be slow in ND and you’ll fit right in.