Like the time I was having achy foot problems. Bam, I'd see TV commercials for the Good Feet store. When I was thinking of buying a house. Pow, I'd see computer ads and TV commercials for Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Loans, as well as billboards for no closing costs. Sometimes just simple searches on my computer to Pizza Hut, or a concert, next thing you know, a little popup ad for pizza and Blow Joe in concert saying "click me" in the corner. Jeeping creeping. A time when I needed a lawyer, or again was looking for car insurance or home insurance. Boom, here comes all this junk mail from law firms and insurance companies. How the hell? So twisted and scary. You mean our not so private and confidential lives. This ain't paranoia or is it? Or is simply just my mind being more aware to a need? Nope, its all corrupt schemes and it ain't subliminal. Because I was not thinking about Russian girls.