I want to believe in words like hope and change but I just don't anymore. All I ever see are people on some welfare, disability, or unemployment. It's because they can, they do and find a way. It's not that they can't find a job or can't even do a simple thing to pick themselves up to take care of themselves. It's NOT that they can't. They don't WANT to. Sure, I see people that actually go to work but I also see tons of people that are just worthless humans. And then, with the people that do work and with people in general, everyone is so toxic, broken, and negative. They've been down so long that they've just become bitter, angry, and grumpy people. Most of the strangers I talk to, don't want to talk to another stranger. The employees at stores I encounter don't want to help. No one smiles, no one says hello. Most people are so far cynical and skeptical that all their energy is just wasted darkness. A lot of these people are god fearing church going Christians too. Yet it's the most self absorbed, keep to myself and close circle unfriendly attitude. The worst is when I have to be on the receiving end of this contagious emotions. And that's what it does is make me the same kind of person to them that they are to me. I'm reactive to people now. If you're a dickbitch, I'll be one right back to you. Just miserable people and it shows. Every now and then, there is a nice, friendly, caring, and respectful person. What a shock that is. And how rare but refreshing too.