I wait in line until it's my turn to step up to the counter and make some kind of business transaction at the coffee shop, food counter, post office, parts counter, ect.. and just about every time i'm finally the costumer, some asshole decides to step right into my transaction and lay their issues on my service person. Yesterday at UPS was the last straw. I'm at the counter trying to send out packages and mail with 2 small kids in tow, while your nose is up my ass in line. As i'm trying to watch them and handle my business at the same time, you steal my service person to help you with the copier. And while you were busy high jacking my service, I got to spend the next 10 minutes keeping my kids from climbing the shelves as their attention spans rapidly deteriorated. I dare one more person to cut me off at the counter anywhere, you are going to get your face chewed off.