Trader Joe's is great. I can buy organic groceries at a fraction of the price Of New Seasons or Whole Foods. Unfortunately, my neighborhood in the Northeast decided to speak up against this affordable chain's plans to open a new location.Fortunately, I work on Thurman, And can walk The few blocks to the Glisan location after work .Today I woke up at 5am and worked until 2:30pm, after which I headed over to replenish my morning smoothie supplies. As I approached organic produce, and began to examine prices and selection, (as I work in the service industry (poor), and Trader Joes does have an inconsistent selection), a male employee rushed over, cut me off and asked if I needed any help, adding that I looked like I needed guidance, as if "maybe I forgot my list", and overall being really aggressive.
Every other time I go into this location, someone hawks me like this. I've worked enough retail positions to know when someone is targetting me for loss prevention. I'm covered in Tattoos and wear black clothes I make myself (art? Keep portland weird?), I'm not DIRTY, I'm not ON DRUGS, and Im usually getting off WORK when I stop in. This kind of targeted and consistent interaction in the produce isle when I'm trying to buy food is a pretty serious blow to my self esteem. What is it about my appearance, TJ's, that causeth you to insinuate that I am either too stupid to do my own shopping or a theif? Or is it simply that I look like I don't belong in your neighborhood?