What in the actual fuck is your problem? Sticking pencils in the porta potty locks? You know what's worse than shitting in a porta potty on a 90 degree day? Being locked out because some little bitter passive aggressive gremlin who doesn't understand why they're locked puts pencil lead in a the key hole. I've been a construction worker for many years and was enraged reading this. If they aren't locked, your only place to go to the bathroom at work turns into a crime scene overnight. I've seen many times our porta pottys be trashed by the public. Showing up for work and seeing blood spattered walls and used syringes and crack pipes will get you thinking 'we should lock screen this thing' real fucking quick. Or how about bag upon bag of dog shit piling up and you know they're not coming to clean it until next week. Or just piles of trash left in there by idiots who think it's a dumpster. One time someone who had been stabbed hid in our porta potty and turned it into a biohazard by bleeding all over the place. The things I've seen in there disturb me. So yeah we lock them. What are you jealous? Trust me your not missing anything!