I bumped your 'bumper' on 14th and Glisan this afternoon. Me, 20+ year old Ranger truck, you, mid-life crisis Mercedes.
There was no damage, which you discovered after you exited your car and began getting nasty with me immediately…accusing me of being on my phone (was not), and hitting a parked car (you were in front of me at a light…so not parked) and informed me I was 'lucky' there was no damage.
Despite the fact that you came across as an inconsiderate troll…I see your point of view. I'd be irritated if someone bumped me, too.
And you were kind of cute. I went so far as to torment you with my horn later down the road…which I now regret…sort of. I think you should be nicer to people, but, truth is, I'd totally fuck you. This is your official opportunity to bump me back :)