You saw me running from a block away. You backed your cruiser up in reverse in the middle of the road just to get a good look at the furry guy running in his jeans, dirty sweat filled shirt, and baseball cap. I figured if you feel so free to be so blatant in your rather creepy profiling I figured I'd extend the courtesy of giving you the finger for a few seconds before turning... But you followed me didn't you? After creeping up on me and an awkward stare in which I waited for you to get out of your cruiser, you finally got out

"why are you stopping me?"

"you don't look like a normal jogger"

"your right I look like someone who got off a hard days work before going to the boxing gym right around the corner, last I checked you needed a reason to stop me, do you have that reason?"

"just conversation"

"good day"

Am I out of the latest social trends, or is it kind of bullshit to say that people routinely stalk one another and get out of their vehicles to 'conversate' with strangers? Does every jogger wear colorful stretch tights and white tennis shoes except those who just robbed someone? I get being profiled, without detectives and cops would have nothing to go off of in their investigations/ jobs. But profiling is not grounds to stalk someone and pull them over. Hate to break it to you, but you actually have to do your job and find a reason to do that.