At the recommendation of the massage therapist who tried to fix my neck and shoulder, and who has just got a kitten from you, I went to the animal shelter you run. There was a sweet, timid, adult cat sitting among the 30 or so others running around. I asked about him and you quickly brought up having me foster him as he was pretty scared in the shelter. In retrospect, I can hear your urgency to get that cat out of the shelter perfectly aimed at feeding my low self esteem and need to feel like a good person . His hair has finally grown back, so he no longer looks like he's suffering from male pattern baldness. His ears now have hair on them, so he no longer looks like a bat. But, having been abandoned to the streets of Gresham prior to coming to your shelter did screw this cat up. He chews his legs and belly until they are raw. He's gone through several rounds of antibiotics to deal with the self-mutilation and been prescribed amytripilne for his anxiety. I will keep my pledge to love and care for this cat, as he is sweet. He's a bit like a funky car purchased from some shady Craigslist deal and from here on out will be referred to with the code word "Lemon".