Anonymous Jul 21, 2016 at 9:25 am


And the bike that was "stolen" out of their backyard and broken down for parts in a tent city chop shop - they just need a new prescription for their glasses, because the bike is RIGHT THERE still in their yard!
Uhhh, how about all of the garbage strewn along the Springwater Corridor and the rest of the city where the bums set up their tents? Is this news to you Bum Whisperer?
How about the choice to be homeless... to live within city boundaries but not contribute to the cost of maintaining a city (sewage, streets, lights, etc.). If they want to camp. Why not move to a location where you can live off the land. If you're looking to get out of being homeless. Portland has shelters and leaders to help.
All of the above, plus, you really don't see the syringes? Or the human waste and the trash? Maybe you don't walk in the right places....
If these comments let you attach photos I would show you a whole container full of them. Maybe your walks through Ladd's Addition don't take you by the darker side of life.
I've totally seen sex acts happening in a city park. We have a lot of parks.
pollo, It's just JTR and Tryhard working on their little list.
ODD, please provide context for these stupid comments that only make sense in your stunted little mind. And now your dogging JTR after kissing his ass? Did he stiff you on one the sex acts you performed on him in the park blocks or something? Take that up with him my man.
Context is for (non-gender-specific) fucking pussies.
You must live somewhere in the suburbs, where you never have to see people shooting up on the sidewalk, where you never see giant piles of human shit outside of the Plaid Pantries that sell the malt liquor all the innocent street trash drink in the parking lots, where the discarded needles never appear, where you never have to see some theiving prick sort out his works on a trash can, where the sight of tents doesn't coincide with junkies, methheads and countless aggressive, demanding assholes with their poor dogs following them around on the longest walk ever.
I really wish I could see the fantasy land where you live, because it sounds nice. Maybe you live in a state park, where a bunch of tents only means a bunch of people are taking a break from their everyday lives to camp our, as opposed to a bunch of fuckers who purposely choose a homeless lifestyle to facilitate drug habits. I'm actually extremely liberal, but I didn't drink the PC Kool-Aid. Wake up, you dipshit.
^ I'd upvote that.

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