Kalah Allen

I CAME UP with a new game. Anyone that lives in a house that receives mail can play! It’s called “Fuck with the Developer!” When you receive one of those letters from developers wanting to buy your house, just email them back and fuck with them. Make up a story and run with it. Are you moving out of the country and need to sell your place fast? Are you on the brink of foreclosure and need to sell quickly? Do you have a double lot you don’t want anymore? I’m currently pretending to be an old, confused man who really wants to sell his house. I’m sure the guy on the other end is tugging himself every night just waiting to screw this make-believe old guy. But I keep stringing him along because I’m confused and don’t understand what they need from me. Play Fuck with the Developer! Laugh at the developer’s expense! Try it. It will make you feel better.—Anonymous