I'll just say what most won't: being white is great, and I love it! I have never once felt an ounce of white guilt, or felt I had to account for white privilege. I'm not rich, straight, and even have a 1/3 Mexican blood in me, but I look white. I have any power over anyone, just a regular person living their life taking care of themselves doing no harm to anyone else, and I'm white. I happily shrug at the expectation, and implication I owe people of color anything, or those who support BLM anything. In fact I've never met a person of color that ever truly hinted they felt that that was the case, which is why this is directed at the obvious leftist roots of Portland's cry baby millennial population which without a doubt may be the most hypocritical group of individuals I've ever met in my life. I know most white people will pander to the leftist expectations, but in the end you are white, own that shit, and love it.