My Uncle is now in his mid 80's. He was born a Republican, and thinks all members of his extended family should be Republican. He has never sent me a person e-mail or call me to see how I am doing. It is constant, at least three times a week I receive crap talking trash about Clinton. He has a list of people that he sends his propaganda to, sometimes 50 to 100 names with their e-mails for all the world to see.

Why don't I tell him Stop sending this crap? I am just concerned he will write me out of his will. I guess I am just as bad as him mentally, but he was my favorite Uncle and my Mom's favorite brother. Mom passed away a few years back, and I guess I am kind of honoring her, but then I am concerned he will slip and break a hip. He would never read this, but If he did: I hope he knows I do love him. I just wish he would send me my inheritance so I can buy a new car.