We can all agree & speak openly about the mass influx of out-of-towners into portland & the damage that this is doing to the local population. The economic & cultural impact has changed the city that we love,forever. And the local population is slowly but surely being displaced.
We are talking about a mass immigration. Why is it ok to cry to the heavens about californians, but somehow, that logic stops when it comes to the wider issue of mass immigration into this country, or europe.
Why can we see the damage on a small, local scale, but it somehow becomes racist, or islamophobic to point out that other cultures are also being overtaken?
And no, i do not mean Syrian refugees. i believe the entire world, all of us, need to open our arms to the women, the children & the elderly who are fleeing horror. But, it isn't the whole world, is it? It is only a few countries that are taking people in ~ half of whom are economic refugees. And the people & cultures of these countries, who, unlike america, have been around for 1000 years, they do have something to lose. That is what they are fighting against.
Just like everyone in portland is fighting against the influx of a different, moneyed culture. My point is, don't we all fight to preserve our homes, our cultures, our way of life? That doesn't make us racists, or xenophobic. It makes us human.