This is to the asshole cop who drove through the middle of Holladay Park at 2:30 p.m. today going 35 mph... Fuck you. Thanks for laying on your horn for pedestrians that are lawfully walking with their children, dogs, etc. THROUGHT THE MIDDLE OF A PARK. I have never seen someone so blatantly put others lives in danger. I wish I had thought to get your license plate number, but honestly I was so shocked that a law enforcement officer would disrespect public property and people's lives like that I didn't think to. Your tire tracks are a great addition to the park... and you really punked out that group of teenagers. Nice last second swerve to miss them.

You are the reason people hate police all over this country. Your abuse of power even in situations like this is startling. Maybe the ability to make actions such as this without repercussions is why you took this job, its the only thing that gets you through your day. But one things for sure, our generation is informed, we care, and we will not respect you until you learn to live by the laws you "enforce".