Off to work, and boy do I hate to go. If I don't go to work, I can not pay my bills, and my $1025 dollar rent. I like so many others do not have family to help in those hard times.

I know a plan to help the homeless. It is time to call up the National Guard to Portland, Oregon. This situation is so out of hand that it is beyond comprehension. We have a serious situation of human rights abuse. The homeowners in certain neighborhoods are unsafe because of the situation. The homeless need help, and many need mental health and physical care.

If you feel as I do, think about reporting this to the major net works of news reporting. Some of your readers are bright, and have a way of getting their message across in delightful ways. I hope you will contact our Governor or just call the networks. We need an intervention from the outside of this crime against humanity in Portland. This Springwater bullshit is just a beginning of tent cities all over this city. Tourist here, and I am glad they get a look at this situation. The mayor on vacation, so can our Governor call out the National Guard? Very sad,out of control situation and it is getting worse. National Guard, we need your help, media attention put some pressure on. Tourist, please go back home and tell Uncles and Aunts what you saw. So far to the police department, you are doing the best you can, you need help, and are at my apartment complex at least 3 times a week for domestic battery calls.