It was the first time in my life I was attracted to a bus driver. I got on the #6 bus in the SW area of downtown a few weeks ago. She had purple hair, rainbow-reflective sunglasses, perfect teeth, and was as pretty as someone could reasonably be in a TriMet uniform. Had she simply gone about her business after approving my day pass, she may not even have lasted as a memory. However, it was not her appearance, but her outgoing, friendly, and unabashedly geeky personality which caused my curiosity to develop. When I asked how she was doing that day, she said, "oh, just driving in circles!" She appeared to be enjoying her job, continually smiling and making comments to nobody in particular. The bus drove past a new construction site (which was only a large hole in the ground). "Oh Mylanta," she cried, "what on earth will that become?!" Soon after, a family boarded the bus. The mother and father only spoke Spanish, the 7-year-old daughter translating the fare requirements. Ms. Mylanta had no apparent knowledge of Spanish. As soon as things were resolved, she shrugged and smiled more. "Seven years of Spanish and I still suck at it. Hah!" At my stop on Stark and Grand, instead of my requisite "thank you," I said to her, "you are wonderful." She smiled at me and said, "So are you. I like your face." And that was that. I have since ridden the #6 bus about 20 times since then, hoping to meet Ms. Mylanta again. If I do, I will be asking the bus driver out on a date.