If the PPS board puts their $750,000,000 bond on the November ballot along with the City of Portland bond and Metro levy the total will be more than 1 billion dollars in new property taxes.

As a low-income homeowner, this just puts a strain on those of us already on the edge and exacerbates the affordability issue even more. My property taxes go up $300 or more a year regardless of assessed value.

The thing is: Why do renters get to vote on this increase in property taxes when they will foot little, if any of the bill? *For all you renters out there who will say, "My landlord will increase my rent, therefore I, too, pay for these increases": You all can shove it. For a landlord to spread the cost of the increase in property taxes across all their tenants is NOTHING compared to a single family home property owner paying it ALL.

I've been a liberal democrat all of my life and have never voted for a Republican. But goddamn, I hate to say it, but the Republicans have it right when they say there's too many taxes. When you see the waste in spending, the quarter of a million dollar salary the new PPS superintendent gets, the ever-increasing property taxes... it just all gets to be too much. I mean, give us a break, will ya?

I'll be voting no on all bonds, levys, and measures that have anything to do with increasing property taxes, and so will all my home-owning liberal/democratic friends.

Sorry Portland, you're horrible at managing money and baby gets nothing!