Dear apartment neighbor who doesn't like me playing my acoustic at 7:00 am on a Sunday:

King of double standards much? It isn't my fault you choose to stay up all night. It isn't my fault that you are in a perpetual state of hangover. Should I really feel guilty that my schedule dictates I go to bed early and get up early? If I want to strum (quietly I might add) my fucking guitar on my day off, Ima do it. So fuck your 14 year old living at home lifestyle.

Also, playing shitty distorted bass riffs for the sludge band you'll never get off the ground at 11:00 pm isn't exactly in line with my schedule either, but I've never pounded on the wall so hard your artwork falls off the wall. Seriously, get over the passive aggressive bullshit and come knock on my door and be a man. If you can't grow up, then I'll continue to disrespect you. Its called apartment living, the motherfucking mother load of compromise. And honestly, considering you'll pound on the wall when I do my dishes, I'm pretty sure you're just a miserable shit.